Strain list. Updates often.

We only do small batch, single source extracts, and we only use cannabis in the Quill. 

Here is a list of currently available strains. If you have a strain that's not on this list, it please contact us and we'll gladly provide tasting notes and testing data. 


Blue Dream

Alter Farms

The classic Blue Dream strain offers the cerebral brightness of a sativa with the calming effects of an indica. Sweet tasting notes of Blueberry are true to the strain’s lineage. The buds for this extract were cultivated by Alter Farms.

OCO Quill Bubba Skunk 143.jpg

Bubba Skunk

Alter Farms

Bubba Skunk is an energetic and talkative hybrid strain, great for social evenings laughing with friends. Flavors of diesel and funky pine dominate each puff, followed by a giggly, cerebral dose of relaxation. Buds for this extract were cultivated by Alter Farms in southern Oregon.

OCO Quill CBD Therapy.jpg

CBD Therapy

Sweden Farms

CBD Therapy soothes with a 2:1 CBD-to-THC ratio. Buds for this extract were grown by Sweden Farms in Jackson County. Extended strain notes coming soon.

50.6 % CBD - 24.6 % THC

OCO Quill Lemon Kush 6306.jpg

Lemon Kush

Applegate Gold

Lemon Kush induces a mellow feeling with bright citrusy flavors as you puff. Notes of candied lemon peel and a slight earthiness are true to the strain, relaxing the mind without being overly sedative. The buds for this extract were cultivated by Applegate Gold in southern Oregon.

OCO Quill Montana Haze Rare Sativa.jpg

Montana Haze

Alter Farms

Montana Haze (Lemon Haze x Montana Silvertip) offers a buzzy sativa experience with sweet earth flavors of grape, pine and citrus. Effects are true to the Haze dominant lineage - creative, euphoric, and energetic. Buds for this extract were cultivated by Alter Farms in southern Oregon.

OCO Quill Purple Hindu Kush.jpg

Purple Hindu Kush

Applegate River Roots

Purple Hindu Kush is a great choice for a mellow evening relaxing with friends or soaking in a hot bath. Consumers seeking a meditative state of relaxation will enjoy this one. Its earthy, floral flavor with a hint of spice is light and easy to puff. Buds for this extract were cultivated by Applegate River Roots in southern Oregon.

OCO Quill Timberline.jpg


Blissful Botanicals

Transport yourself to an Oregon forest with the Timberline extract. Dominant notes of pine and lemon refresh and clarify the mind with a relaxing yet upbeat cognitive effect. This extract offers stimulation without jitters and a smooth vaping experience. Buds for this extract were cultivated by Blissful Botanicals in Damascus OR.

vortex - 5 .jpg



Consumers seeking a heady, energetic sativa effect will be swept away by Vortex. This stimulating cross of Space Queen and Apollo 13 genetics tastes of lemon and earthy notes that are smooth and easy on the throat. An excellent choice for daytime pick-me-ups and mental clarity. Buds for this extract were cultivated by Bandit in Coos Bay, Oregon.

OCO Quill VCDC.jpg



VCDC is 2 parts CBD to 1 part THC. It is simple and elegant; grassy, light, with a smooth milky mouthfeel. No strong fruit or dank notes, instead it's a very down-to-earth and classic flavor. Extremely calming and relaxing, due to it's high CBD content.

White Widow

Black Crow Grow

White Widow is a balanced hybrid, offering earthy, piney tasting notes followed by a clear-headed and relaxing effect. This batch is extracted from bud cultivated by Black Crow Grow in Woodburn, OR.

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