Strain list. Updates often.

We only do small batch, single source extracts, and we only use cannabis in the Quill. 

Here is a list of currently available strains. If you have a strain that's not on this list, it please contact us and we'll gladly provide tasting notes and testing data. 


Dennis Wojtkiewicz, Rosettes Series No. 15

Dennis Wojtkiewicz, Rosettes Series No. 15

Black Lime

Shadowbox Farms

Whether you’re stargazing or chatting on a porch at dusk, Black Lime is perfect for summer evening downtime. This fruitforward cross of Northern Lights and Purple Kush relaxes mind and body with citrus notes of lemon zest and orange sweetness. The exhale reveals cracked pepper complementing a floral finish and a hint of roses. With a gently sweet aroma and mid flavors of berries, this Shadowbox Farms cultivar is an excellent choice for users looking to unwind.

67.7% THC

Harambe Glue

Butte Creek Farms

Delivering on the reputation of its lineage, our Harambe extract pummels with potency and a familiar taste of lemon and diesel on the throat. This heavy hitter will heighten concentration but pace yourself because couch lock is real. It’s an ideal after-work wind down. Buds for this instant classic were cultivated in southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley by Butte Creek Farms

69.9% THC



Eco Firma Farms

Eco Firma’s J1 is an uplifting, traditional breed that brightens moods and heightens mental focus with an elegant, earthy flavor. This sativa-leaning cross of Skunk #1 and Jack Herer hints at citrus and skunk, a perfect choice for users seeking a classic, comforting experience. No flavor storms here — just smooth sailing on open waters.

73% THC

Lambs In Space

Pilot Farms

Like a fine angora wool, Lambs in Space gently brings comfort and calm with its tiny but notable share of CBD. Subtle clove spice accompanies familiar diesel tones that makes these Lambs an easy sipper that’s hard to put down. Gather a close crew around a record player, because this shareable mood elevator will fuel night-long chats with cerebral clarity. Recommended music pairing: St. Paul & The Broken Bones

55.9% THC | 5% CBD

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 1.59.53 PM.png


Pilot Farms

Our second collaboration with Pilot Farm imparts a hazy cosmic calm with a 3:1 mix of THC-to-CBD. It’s subtle, with a mild palate of flowers and grape juice, vanilla, and a hint of funk. Unique yet comfortable, classic and soft, this easy hitter clears the mind immediately with analgesic effects and slight body lock. Feels like star walks and pillow talks as the conversation slowly fades into the night. Pairs well with fresh laundry.

50.2% THC | 15.9% CBD


Pilot Farms

With a practical 1:1 mix of THC-to-CBD, Telenovela summons a balanced euphoria that obscures residual aches and underlying anxiety. Its refreshingly smooth palate hints at earthy notes and floral wisps, evoking oceanside wildflowers and universal consciousness. Telenovela is a versatile hitter that can spark creative flow or untangle muscle tightness.

28% THC | 30% CBD

Simon Hantaï, Etude (detail), 1969. Oil on canvas.

Simon Hantaï, Etude (detail), 1969. Oil on canvas.