A Cannabis Vaporizer for Everyone.

Rare Industries elevates pot culture with the Quill, a low-dose cannabis vaporizer pen designed for everyone. Comprised of single-source, CO2-extracted cannabis oil, the Quill gives each user full control of their experience. The extract is pure and terpene rich — with absolutely no additives or artificial flavors — and the medical-grade stainless steel pen is stylish, tasteful, and easy to share. 

“We want to change the dialogue around cannabis.”

“We want to change the dialogue around cannabis, and we think the packaging, design and experience of the Quill speaks volumes about the sophistication—and the audience—we are going for,” says Jeremy Pelley, Co-founder and Creative Director of OMFGCO, the design team behind the Quill. “There is no reason that cannabis can’t be on the same level as fine wine or craft coffee.”

The Quill is Mightier, indeed — it’s been thoughtfully designed around the user experience. It’s easy to discover what dosage is right for you, and sometimes one puff is enough. With each pull of the Quill, a white LED-ring lights up at the pen’s tip, allowing users to know the pen is working and to monitor how much they are consuming. Also great for micro-dosing, the Quill is formulated to deliver about 2mg of THC in each smooth, delicious hit.

“The Quill provides an elegant, elevated cannabis experience,” says Rare Industries CEO Ian Van Veen Shaughnessy. “Its flavor is true to the original flower, and granular dosage lets users take in as much or as little as they want.

“It's taken 3 years to develop, but the supercritical CO2 extraction produces some of the most beautiful, flavorful extract on the market. There are separate terpene and cannabinoid extractions with a 27-step post-process; and we use the most stringent testing in the state." The Quill represents one of the safest, most consistent, and tastiest ways to vape.

“The Quill provides an elegant, elevated cannabis experience.”

The Quill packaging features commissioned artwork by Brooklyn-based artist Monica Ramos. Printed on the inner tube, the art remains fully hidden until the package is opened, creating a surprising reveal for the user. The watercolor illustration, called “The Cloud Crowd,” is a visual nod to the Quill ethos: it is the vaporizer pen for everyone (over 21, of course). The Quill team is committed to supporting artists by finding new ways to support their work.

For more information on the Quill, contact hello@quill.me, and to learn more about OMFGCO, check out their site at omfgco.com