Kind Words About the Quill



“I think this is the single most transformative product in Oregon cannabis history, a harbinger for a brave new future of casual, perfectly dosed, aesthetically minded cannabis consumers. Tucked away for local travel, brought along for a puff before dinner, and part of the keys-wallet-phone coterie of must-have items grabbed before leaving the house.”

- Leafly, Best in State: 2017's Top Cannabis in Oregon

“Quill celebrates the individual farm’s identity with a customized approach, like this round of Quill dosed vape pens filled with oil processed from specific Pilot Farms strains… This sort of stylish execution of common sense cross-promotion gives something cannabis consumers rarely experience: cohesive understanding of exactly what they’re smoking, and who made it.”

- Forbes

“Quill prioritizes micro-dosing and provides a considered, minimalist design. Quill’s brand represents a new aesthetic coursing through cannabis—seriously considered, but playfully concocted.”

- Observer

“Quill’s inconspicuous vibes are appealing to my high-key stoner, high-key private lifestyle, and as of press time it is plainly the most discreet pen I have ever used. And the controlled dosing (a natural inhale produces a 2mg hit) is a fantastic feature for novice smokers and old-heads alike.”

- A Proper High

“[The Quill] addresses one of the most common fears people maintain about cannabis; they are afraid of getting too high. It's a bold stance and we applaud them for it.”

- Blank Space


“The rare cannabis product that created its own niche… a sleek silver tube that emits a low, consistent dose of 2 milligrams THC with every drag. That allows newbies to take satisfying rips without knocking themselves into another dimension, and experienced smokers to control their supplementary puffs with finesse.”

- The Potlander


“Microdosing is essentially taking a very small amount of a substance with the purpose of experiencing its therapeutic benefits without the high. It’s a good introduction to cannabis for people who may have no experience consuming it or those who want to try it again after decades of abstaining... You can also try controlled-dose vape pens like Quill.” 

-  Forbes


“...there are some cool companies popping up and making paraphernalia that has nothing to do with wizards, skulls, or Bob fucking Marley. One of those companies is Portland-based Quill.” 

-  Monster Children


“With Quill, you can have a puff before dinner, put it away, and bring it back out for dessert, sans the fiery mess.”

- Leafbuyer


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