The Quill is a vaporizer, but most importantly it's a pure cannabis product. 

We think it's unhealthy to be inhaling "Banana Cream Pie" or "Chocolate Rootbeer" flavorings into our lungs; they're artificial, unnatural, and it just ain't right. 


Our philosophy is simple...



Single Source

We only work with the highest grade farms to produce a terpene-rich pure CO2 extract that tastes real. It's single source, it has terroir, and the Quill's flavor truly reflects it's origins.  


Only Cannabis

We start with a subcritical terpene extraction. These cannabis terpenes are filtered and purified. Then we do a supercritical cannabinoid extraction, followed by a winterizing/dewaxing processs. Finally, we re-integrate the cannabis terpenes back into the winterized extract, creating a truly wholistic, flavorful, and natural extract. 


Satisfaction, Guaranteed.

We deeply believe in the power of cannabis, and we treat every customer with the respect you deserve. We will do all that we can to guarantee your experience with the Quill. Sometimes they break. Maybe it's just not your thing. No matter what the issue or question, please contact us.