Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Quill? How do I use it?

The Quill is a vaporizer pen for everyone. It's an all-in-one recyclable pen, and each one comes pre-loaded with 300 puffs of pure cannabis extract.

To use it, just inhale. The Quill has no buttons and is charged and ready to go straight out of the tube. Puff from the end with the black tip, and the LED ring will illuminate to let you know it's working.

What happens when it's empty? Can I refill it?

The light will start to blink when it's almost done, letting you know that it's time to pick up a new one. The Quill is not refillable, but you can take the empty pen back to your shop for recycling.

I'm new here! Do you have any tips for cannabis novices?

Everybody is a little different, and the Quill is a perfect device to discover what's right for you. Inhale for about 2 seconds, hold in the vapor for about 3 seconds, then exhale. Each puff will contain around 2mg of active cannabinoids, which is a super manageable microdose. Wait for 5 minutes to notice how that microdose effects you, then take another puff if you like. You can always take another puff, but you can't put it back.

Where can I buy a Quill? Can I order one online?

The Quill is only available from licensed retailers in Oregon and Washington. See a map of our current stockists here. Until federal regulations change, we cannot sell the Quill online and we cannot ship, even in states where cannabis is legal.

What flavors can I choose from?

All of our Quills are true to the plant and taste like cannabis. Our extract is full-spectrum — each production run starts with a low-pressure fraction that retains the terpene profile of our single-origin strains. We treat each of our small-batch releases like wine or coffee, and we write tasting notes for each.

We don't add adulterants of any kind: that means no carrying agents, no food-grade essential oils, and no unnatural flavors. Everything in the Quill comes from cannabis, and there's nothing fake about it.

The light is blinking! What does it mean?

Usually, a flashing light means that the battery is low, and soon your Quill will emit nothing but boring air. But sometimes it indicates that power has been cut to the heating element. This happens during especially long or hard pulls to ensure that it does not burn the extract. Nobody deserves burnt extract.

I got way less than 300 puffs! What's up with that?

300 puffs is an estimate based on a 2-second pull, you can spend an entire Quill more quickly if you are taking very long or deep puffs.

That said, if you feel like your Quill didn't last as long as it should've, just take it back to your dispensary for a replacement. We are very proud of our incredibly low failure rates, but just like any electronic device, some of the batteries drain themselves.

Have you ever thought about doing a hemp-based CBD Quill?

Yes... pssst, click here.

I have another question! What do I do?

Shoot us an email at and stay curious!