In Case You Were Wondering

What's the Quill?

The Quill is a steel vaporizer pen filled with top-shelf CO2 cannabis extract. Our low-dose formula always has a smooth flavor..

Where can I buy it?

The Quill is available to all adults 21+ in Oregon and Washington. See our full list of stockists here. If you are a licensed shop looking to stock the Quill, please email us at

What do you mean by “low-dose"?

A typical puff on the Quill delivers about 2mg THC. Most people start to feel truly "stoned" in the 5–10mg range, so the Quill's granular dosage gives the user total control of their experience. Smoke as much or as little as you want.

So if it's a low-dose pen, how is the Quill "mightier"?

The Quill is Mightier® because we have intentionally refined every aspect of the user's experience. Low dosage makes the Quill approachable to the cannabis curious and utilitarian to connoisseurs. It’s just one of the ways we empower the user.

What are some other ways?

The Quill’s housing is made primarily of sleek, medical-grade stainless steel. The advantages are more than aesthetic: steel is recyclable, and since it’s not made of plastic, no BPAs or other contaminants will leach into the cannabis extract.

How is the cannabis extract made?

Supercritical CO2 processes capture THC and other cannabinoids from marijuana plant material without using combustible solvents, resulting in some of the safest, most consistent cannabis extracts available. And that extract contains absolutely no adulterants: that means no vegetable glycerin, no propylene glycol, and no PEG-400.

How does CO2 stack up against other extraction solvents?

Every cannabis product contains traces of its history. Extracts retain molecules that include nutrients, pesticides, and residual solvents. So a BHO extract will contain butane —  aka lighter fluid — which is pretty bad for the lungs. On the other hand, we exhale carbon dioxide at least once a day.

What is the art that’s revealed when opening the Quill’s packaging?

It’s an exclusive watercolor by Monica Ramos, a Philippines-born artist now living in Brooklyn. We call it the Cloud Crowd. You can find more of her work at

Moving forward, the Quill team is interested in exploring novel ways to support cultural and philanthropic causes.

I have a suggestion / story / question / haiku about the Quill. Wanna hear it?

We’d love to. Email